Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seeing Eye to Eye

Just wanted to give everybody an update regarding Jacob. Allen, Jacob and I visited an Opthalmologic Surgeon yesterday and we decided that Jacob will undergo eye surgery to remove a growth that has been on his left eyeball for more than a year now. This will take place on May 7th.

There's not much/any risk of the growth being malignant, but the surgeon will have it biopsied just in case.

The surgery should be pretty straightforward; it will be outpatient and only take about 30 minutes. The surgeon is the Chief of Opthalmology (and a Professor) over at Children's Hospital, so we're very comfortable with his expertise. They do have to put him under, as it's not possible to do laser surgery, but there's no way he'd stay still for laser surgery anyway!

Recovery should be quick; he'll probably miss a few days of school and he'll have an eye cover for a week or so, but that's about the extent of it.

We appreciate everyone's positive thoughts and are confident that this will be easy breezy : )

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Misty, David & Joshua said...

Tell Jacob we'll be thinking about him! We hope all goes well with his surgery! Take care you guys, we miss you!