Monday, July 28, 2008

Old People and 'puters

I received this e-mail today from my Uncle, writing on behalf of my dear Grandmother, who is attempting to crawl into the computer age (or should I say 'puter age?). Since she doesn't know how to look stuff up on the internet, I'm not too worried that she'll read this and be mad at me!

This is Conan.

The matriarch of this family gets some e-mailage and she does like the communication.

However, some of the senders are forgetting that she's OLD. She has no 'puter skills to speak of. She has no idea that there is such a thing as an attachment and doesn't know to look for one. If she does see one, she has no idea what to do with such an animal. She can get frustrated with the 'puter, you know the old 'hit any key' syndrome can come up and we all know she's good with a hammer.

Please send only direct communication to her. No forwards, no attachments, no links, no U-Tubes, no mass mailings. Realize she's more than 80 years old and the horse she grew up with as her main transportation had no USB ports.

She loves to hear from y'all, she just needs your understanding and help.

My name is Mel Nasr and I approve this message.

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Nathan Pralle said...

HA! That's great. This will likely come into play this Christmas as we get my 82-year-old grandfather his first computer (assuming he doesn't shove it back at us). He's savvy enough and a smart guy, but it'll be a curve. Sending him anything about a chain letter will likely make his head blow up. :)