Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back Home

So here I am in my bed; propped up on all sides with pillows, an ice pack on my belly, a heating pad on my back and finding it almost impossible to write! It's as if I'm in a remedial typing class as I've so far had to re-write almost every word. Apparently I am not operating on all four cylinders yet and it's too frustrating to write, since I have so much to say. I'll save the bulk of it for later, but want to say now thank you to everyone who has been so supportive.
I got to come home around noon yesterday and had a surprising about of zip but with the meds I am finding it almost impossible to spell and focus on the screen, so I will close for now with the message to you all that it went very well, very quickly and she only had to perform the minimal amount she had hoped.
Oh, and of course I got some lovely souvenir photographs-bummer my cards have already been mailed, maybe next year I can send some revolting picture of what endometriosis looks like! Mmm
Why do doctors think you want that crap? People like my sick dad, who watched his knee surgery. Sicko!

Ok, officially too frustrating now, more later, promise.


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