Sunday, December 30, 2007


I keep telling myself I'm not scared, but as surgery looms I find myself more and more nervous. It's nerve wracking more than anything. I've gotten everything in order in anticipation of coming home, got my spare room cleaned up, stocked up on magazines and made sure I have all of the comforts I'll want and not have to seek out. I packed a bag just in case I have to spend the night in the hospital; if I prepare to have to stay overnight I'll get to go home that day. I got my prescriptions; Percocet so at least I'll have good drugs when I come home. I took my new wedding ring in to get sized on Friday-I hate being without it, but I can't wear it to the hospital anyway and I'll be happy to have it back next week. It's a little something to look forward to.

I can't have solid food after 6am today-I got up at 5:30 this morning to eat so I didn't go 36 hours without food. My sweet mom made me jello, which counts as a clear liquid and I can have coffee with no cream. After midnight I'm not allowed to have anything by mouth, except for a Valium which I will be taking before heading to the hospital. I'll get up at 5 tomorrow to be at the hospital by 6.

Our TV in the spare room broke the other night, so we have the little 19 inch we kept in the kids' room to watch video's which seems SO SMALL! That wasn't exactly the greatest timing-we can't afford to buy a new one, especially one that Allen wants to have. Allen took it over to the repair shop and paid $45 bucks to determine whether it's worth fixing. At least I got the spare TV to work, it would have been brutal to have to convalesce without a TV (yeah, I'm spoiled!)

At the moment I'm watching the Seahawks try to piss away their last regular season game-yelling at the tiny TV screen is great distraction!

I got all of my thank you cards ready to send out; I am really impressed with how they turned out. I made collage photos of the gifts the kids received, as well as a few family pictures. They turned out so well. It seems so rare that you have an idea of how something is going to turn out and it exceeds your expectations! You crafty girls will know what I'm talking about.
Not only did it turn out how I had hoped, it was as easy as I hoped, which NEVER seems to happen! Maybe the Gods thought it was my turn after having so much shitty luck lately : )
I sent collage cards to others too, mostly people that had sent holiday cards and I never reciprocated. At least I got something out by New Year's, right?

Wish me luck everyone, we'll see how long it takes for me to feel like updating my post, but my goal is to let everyone know how it went a day or two after I get home. The doc seems to think that I should only have a few days of recovery, that although I'll have some pain from the stitches, my major pain should be over with the removal of the cysts. The only variable is if they get in there and have to do more than expected. If that's the case I'll get even better drugs anyway so I'm not too worried about that!

Happy New Year everyone-here's to no surgeries in 2008!

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Jerusalem said...

Lots of prayers coming your way from down south for an easy breezy surgery and NO MORE in '08!!!