Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I went to my va-jay-jay doctor yesterday and she told me that my cysts are not going away on their own, and considering the amount of pain I am always in and my cancer history she wants to remove the three cysts and my left ovary. Thankfully my right ovary can perform double duty and I will be spared hormone therapy at 33!
On one hand I am bummed out, but on the other hand I don't know how much longer I could have lived with the pain I am in. I'm either hurting, or I'm wacked out on vicodin, which makes me really moody and also makes it difficult to sleep. It's a sign something is wrong with you when your doctor prescribes you 80-yes 80 full strength vicodin (with a refill!).
I think I would have left her office even more upset if she had suggested we keep waiting. At least this way I can look forward to some kind of resolution.
Having had so many surgeries at least I'm not scared. It's a little like flying to me, sure bad things can happen, but how many are performed a day vs how many complications. It's not like I'm worried about my doctor performing surgery on my foot by accident or something like that! She is such a fantastic doctor, and a very accomplished surgeon. Plus there's no point in being scared of dying on the operating table, if I die I'm not going to know it! I worry for my family's sake, but I'm not personally scared of it.
She hopes to go in laparascopically, but said she won't know until she gets in there, and there's the possibility of having open surgery. That would be a bummer because I really do have a nice belly, even with the colon surgery scar. She's optimistic it will be day surgery, but again there are so many variables she can't really say for sure. I figure I'll pack a bag to stay in the hospital and that way I'll go home that day. If I'm not prepared to stay, I'll have to for sure!
Well, I think that's about enough news for now, time to go do the mom thing...


Misty, David & Joshua said...

Good luck with your upcoming surgery. If we can do anything to help out please let us know. I'm glad you'll be feeling better soon! Take care and love to you and your family!
Misty & Dave

Nancy said...

I hope you get to wait until after the holidays are over.... or maybe you just want to get it done sooner than later. Keep us posted. The silver lining is all your coupons will be used up and you won't have need for any more surgery! :)