Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doing my part

Well, I followed through and dropped off a whole truckload of stuff to help the flood victims in my neighboring county. It felt really good, and was heartening to have to wait in line to have to drop stuff off, being so many people doing the same thing.
When I got home and watched the news, they said they had enough stuff to fill up 7, yes SEVEN moving trucks full of stuff, and that doesn't include the cash/gift cards etc. they got. I stopped by Home Depot and bought 8-$25 gift cards as well. I figure those people are going to need so much to rebuild, as none of them have flood insurance, I imagine.

Insurance is such a racket...the rub is if those people lived on the flood plain they wouldn't even qualify to receive flood insurance, and if they didn't live on the flood plain, why have flood insurance? Either way you're screwed...

Anyway, I heard from my Oncologist last night regarding my most recent ultrasound. He said that my cysts were still there, but they haven't grown and don't look any worse. I suppose no changes can mean good news, but it's so depressing to have something wrong with me (especially when it's causing pain) and not be able to do anything about it.

I am a very "take charge" kind of person, and to have to passively sit back and do nothing about this is just horrible. My choices are to be on vicodin all of the time, or just suffer with the pain. I'm getting to the point where the vicodin isn't doing much for me anymore and I'm not sure if I want to move on to something stronger. I'm tired of being so dependent on the drugs to function, but I don't function if I'm not on the drugs. Arrgghh!

I got a refund check and a letter in the mail yesterday for the santa pictures. The photographer sent me a nice letter saying how sorry he was that the santa was so horrible to Jacob, and he asked the manager at the santa shop to refund my money. I also got the pictures in the mail, they are very cute, although I can tell their smiles are pretty forced! I guess they're getting to that age.

I find it strange that I haven't heard from Nordstrom about it. I sent an e-mail last night railing them for not responding, and for leaving the photographer responsible for making things right. For a company that touts its customer service as the reason they're a cut above their competition they're sure showing a lack of it. It's disappointing, especially considering that's where I buy all of my kids shoes-or where I used to buy my kids shoes! Back to The Shoe Zoo, which is really inconvenient. Damn those principles!


tracy said...

I'm glad that your cysts haven't gotten any worse, but how frustrating this must be for you. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with one thing after another, but you are a survivor & will make it through this, too :)


Nancy said...

Horray for good news! The fact that your cysts haven't gotten bigger must be good news. And worrying about them won't make them go away.... :) We had an incident with Lyles many years ago. We bought 4 dining chairs clearly on sale for $75 each. We bought them and asked for delivery. We go home and there's a message from Lyles saying they made a mistake. They're on sale for $195 EACH! I called back and was fairly clear that I didn't give a hoot, that if we made an estimating error in Mike's construction business, we'd have to eat it.... yada yada yada ad we weren't paying more than $75. Well, after much arguing, Mike went over and received our check and we never did get the chairs nor have we been back to Lyles since. I, too, wrote a long letter to the owner telling them what a good customer I had been over the years and what this means to them, but not so much as a word. So we shop elsewhere. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!