Sunday, December 9, 2007

10 things I love about my boys

1. Morning "snuggles" from Austin
2. Their curiosity ("mom, why do you wear your underwear up your butt?")
3. Their complete surrender to my affection when they're sick
4. The enthusiasm they both have for school each and every morning
5. How excited they get when I bring them home even the slightest trinket for them as a gift.
6. Their willingness to take risks without being swayed by the physical or emotional consequence.
7. When Austin curls up in my lap and whispers in my ear, "you're the best mom ever"
8. Their fantastic sense of humor, and their ability to recognize sarcasm and very subtle humor.
9. Their intense love of family that extends to family friends, who are all Aunties and Uncles to them-and they never question whether those are blood relatives, even though many are different ethnicities.
10. Allen told me to write "that we don't have to change their diapers anymore!". I had to add it, although it's not something about their character, so I guess there have to be 11!
11. Their acceptance of the world as it is at face value. When we explain the reason for something in life, they completely accept the answer.

Which begs for much responsibility on my part, to be truthful about things, and not just give them the easy answer...

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Nancy said...

"Because I said so" just doesn't cut it, does it? Yes, kids want to know the truth and generally will accept it. One of the best things I read when Bucky was growing up was to treat your children with the same respect you would treat a friend. It doesn't mean, treat them as adults, but with respect. And I think that's always a good thing.